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Outcome Information



CIP Program Code – 12.0401 Cosmetology
November 30, 2020

COMBINED LINCOLN-037011-00, GI-B37011-03, KEARNEY-B37011-05, NORFOLK-B37011-02
Graduation – 63.27%
Placement – 70.97%
Licensure – 96.08%

Joseph’s College Cosmetology has a policy whereby all students are required to complete the program and all graduation requirements within 150% of the published length of the program in order to be considered completed for purposes of outcomes assessments.

The latest information available addressing compensation for the Beauty industry can be found at the Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2017 at The 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the National estimates for this occupation has a mean wage estimate of $30,490.  A copy can be provided upon request.

Cosmetology is a rewarding profession, both personally and financially.  The profession gives you the opportunity to meet and work with people in all walks of life.  A pleasing personality is a must for a successful stylist.  In most cases, professional stylists will find that several hours of their day is spent on their feet so a good soft pair of shoes is recommended.  Finger dexterity is also a requirement.

Safety is a great concern for all professions; however, there are some areas that we need to be concerned with.  There are many implements that a student or stylist must be conscious of while using, sharp razors and shears, hot curling irons, blow dryers and other electrical equipment that could cause injury.  There are also chemicals that stylists will come in contact with; i.e., permanent wave solutions, hair coloring, hair relaxers and nail products.  Rubber gloves are supplied, plus information on all chemicals used is available through our Material Data Safety Sheets manual in each school location.

Effective July 19, 2018 the requirement for graduation will be 1800 clock hours. Upon completion of 1800 clock hours and the school requirements for graduation, a graduate must apply to the State of Nebraska, Cosmetology Department to take a licensure examination.  A written practical and theory examination will be given each applicant.  The State of Nebraska Department of Health allows one testing format:

  1. Computer-based testing:  Upon receipt of the Department’s examination authorization letter, the student must schedule the test date/site with Laser Grade and also pay $50.00 directly to Laser Grade.

A Licensure fee of $95.00 is required. License renewal is on a biennium basis on even years during which time, eight hours of continuing education is required.  To obtain further licensing information or continuing education, contact:  State of Nebraska, Department of Health and Human Services, Regulation and Licensure-Credentialing Division, P.O. Box 94986, Lincoln, NE  68509-4986, 402-471-2399.

I have read and understand the graduation, job placement, and licensing examination pass rates information provided above and have been provided with a copy before enrolling at Joseph’s College Cosmetology.  In addition, I have been provided with information concerning employment opportunities, compensation, and physical demands of the profession, safety requirements and licensure requirements.


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